twitter and Instagram is @jorjsmif

my tumblr is pretty inactive, will be back soon

I’m hungry
casual pose

for some reason even though I’ve been pretty much inactive on tumblr I’m still getting lots of messages which I do check. I respond to very very few of them because most of them are people asking me about nudes, and I am literally never gonna answer them so pleaseeeee please stop asking and then getting rude because I’m not responding. I suggest instead of going to my ask box you can try and ok

who doesn’t love a drunken wedding selfie
Q: Your voice is delightful I wish you would've been on skins lol

hahaha thanks

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Q: Please come back on tumblr I miss you

I’m so busy, I’m still uploading selfies and responding to the occasional ask. I might come back when I’m at college and not with my friends all the time

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got the results for my exams today and I’m a very very happy boy 😊
Q: How were your exam results?

amazing!! very happy

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