twitter and Instagram is @jorjsmif

my tumblr is pretty inactive, will be back soon

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I have nothing interesting to post so here’s my Halloween costume (I’m a vampire slayer)

how is my follower count still rising

Q: How is your skin so nice? You'r perfect! What do you use to wash your skin?

I found my skin only breaks out when I washed it every day so I just use a the body shop night lotion every other night before I go to bed

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thank you so much for 5000 followers!! I still don’t know how/why it’s happened and I never thought it would 😄
also if you don’t mind, it would be a huge favour to myself and my family if you were to vote pork on the walkers ‘do us a flavour’ competition! voting ends really soon and if my uncle wins he gets £1million, which would mean the world!! 
you vote by either going to and clicking vote, or by tweeting ‘#votepork’ on Twitter. it’s very simple 👼 it would be amazing if you could vote, and comment once you have so I can check out your account 😊😊😊❤️❤️
thanks again for 5k 🎉
George gets chilly 😁
Q: where is your hat from?

It’s from asos

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Q: U are gay?


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Q: what are you studying ???

maths, English literature, philosophy and psychology

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I’m hungry