Q: hey dude so your fashion style is really cool could you make a pic of your wardrobe? and where do you go shopping often?

my wardrobe is scattered on my bed right now after outfit choosing but I shop from loads of places like asos and topman and uo and oki-ni

asked by akcid

beach runs are the nicest
Q: where in france are you going?

near Bordeaux

asked by Anonymous

I’m walking along the beach rn it’s so pretty

Q: Have you ever been in France?

yes I was there a few weeks ago and I’m going back in another few weeks

asked by Anonymous

Q: Do you like living in England?


asked by Anonymous

Q: Ok haha um my jawline is kinda growing in on half of my face I'm a 17 male lol & did that happen to you?

lol no it didn’t 

asked by Anonymous

Q: Please answer my question about the jawline

can you send it again? I can’t see it

asked by Anonymous

tbh this does accurately portray my current emotions

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